Other Heritage Sites

Besides the heritage houses, Pila has other heritage sites as well. Each and every heritage site has its own story.

San Antonio de Padua Parish Church (Pila)

The Church of Pila also known as the San Antonio de Padua Parish Church  is a church dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua in the Philippines in 1578 and the first Antonine parish church in the Philippines in 1581 and probably in Asia.

Pila Museum

A one-level stone structure housing artifacts found from the archaeological excavations done in Pila. Recently, the Pila Museum was closed due to renovation.

Liceo De Pila

Formerly used as a church convent. It is right beside the San Antonio de Padua Parish church, and now a private a school.

Pinagbayanan Crematorium

Site of the oldest crematorium in the Philippines. It was recently declared a National Cultural Treasure the National Museum last September 28, 2017.