The Province of Laguna is well known not just to its amazing tourist spots and delicacies but also to its hidden treasure, a treasure well-preserved that dates back to the Spanish-American Era.

As a Lagunense, coming from the city of Santa Rosa, I have witnessed how urbanisation took over our town. Being active to our local church gave me the opportunity to explore other churches and places in Laguna including Pila.

It was May of 2018 when we visited the quiet town to document one of Philippines’ oldest Flores De Mayo. Upon reaching the small plaza, we were amazed the bizarre amount of ancestral houses surrounding it. After that day, this project was made.

“Sayang naman” is the first thought that came up to me when we visited. I dont like Pila to become industrial like my hometown. I want it to bloom in its own cultural richness. It has a potential to be at par with Vigan. Pila can be one of Laguna’s Hidden Treasure